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But with surveys showing that 70 percent of Americans are unhappy with their jobs, Warren thinks the same focus on matching personalities can work in the recruitment industry.HALI 188: The Iran Edition is dedicated to Iran—its carpets and textiles, its rug production, its national carpet museum, and its welcome emergence from thirty years of on-and-off economic and trade sanctions.If you walk into your local Starbucks on February 13, you may be in for a surprise.

A variety of desirable demographics show elevated usage of online dating services in the US, including men age 18-34 (33%), 25-34s (27%), and those from households with 0-9.9K in annual income (20%).

He drops his plans of messaging strangers on the Internet all night to go meet with her immediately.

He's very pleased to find Amita to be hotter off of the Internet, and he's totally floored when she finds out she even likes football.

Customers and followers of e may have first warmed up to the internet-dating pioneer several years ago because of the inviting personality and warmth of founder and pitchman Neil Clark Warren.

Now, the octogenarian is pivoting e Harmony again in an effort to keep his business growing.

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The feature, called “Meet at Starbucks,” is currently available to subscribers, and enables users to invite others for a cup of coffee.