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Tonight’s double premiere episode is called, On tonight’s premiere Grayson is shocked and upset from his last encounter with Jane and refuses to talk to her.Season three aired on Sundays at pm ET and consisted of 13 episodes.Sally Fields had a guest appearance as the judge for the episode.Deb, a shallow model's sudden demise results in her being reincarnated as Jane, a plus size lawyer with astonishing intelligence. The premise is Freaky Friday meets LA Law, but add in a guardian angel, smart chicks, models, and fresh story lines.. Drop Dead Diva is unpredictable, but with the likable hooks surrounding romance, achieving partner, and beauty.As Deb sees life through Jane's eyes, she realizes it doesn't matter how big you are, just how you accept it and know you're beautiful no matter what people say. See more » OK, you KNOW if Margaret Cho is involved, there will be some decent writing. You can stream it on Netflix, which is slightly addictive.

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