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In some communities the father would dress up in white robes, holding a stick with an attached cloth and walk around the table chanting the passage, “We were slave to Pharaoh in Egypt…” The whole aim was – and continues to be – to stimulate the kids to ask questions and get involved in the Seder.The "props" – be it the Seder plate, or the cushions for leaning – are all there in order to arouse curiosity in our kids and get them asking questions.

Here are 10 unique date night ideas that you can do from home while the kids are sleeping!

A home of the game version starts at and is available on the Face Say website.

Another great game that focuses on facial recognition and feature interpretation, Let's Face It was created by the Yale Child Study Centre and the University of Victoria Brain and Cognition Lab.

These date nights are fun, silly but most of all easy to do!

Conversation time just got sillier with these question prompts that ask you to choose between two absurd situations and justify your answer.

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